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The 15th International Oil, Gas, refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (held in Tehran in April 2010) covered 10 task forces including consultant engineer groups, spare parts constructors, technical and commercial service provider companies, oil products producers, processing equipments producers, fuel consumption efficiency companies and research and training sector, general contractors, companies active in information technology fields.

Foreign companies from more than 34 countries, including Germany, Britain, France, Russia, Ukraine, China, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Romania, Netherlands, Belarus, India, Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain, UK, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong participated in the exhibition.

A total of 983 domestic companies and more than 500 foreign companies took part in this exhibition. The Oil Industry Equipment Manufacturers Community with over 180 subsidiary companies, Iran Industry Equipment Manufacturers Community with 45 subsidiary companies, and Iran Fuel Efficiency Organization with 55 subsidiary companies were among domestic companies who were present at the event.

International Exhibitions are one of the well recognized instruments for gaining access to the potentials of the Iranian Oil Industry. The benefits gained through the previous Thirteen Tehran International Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Exhibitions by Iranian and international participants strongly justify supporting this annual event.

The Petroleum industry, apart from its role in the international arena and satisfying a large portion of the world's oil requirements, also makes great contributions towards providing the nation's hard currency earnings, enhances national manufacturing and production capabilities, creates local employment opportunities and provides the required funding needed for the government's local investments and public services. It is worth mentioning that the development of new fields by the Ministry of Petroleum alone directly resulted in the creation of more than 200,000 new jobs, which is unprecedented in other sectors.

The 15th Oil Show attracted well over 1200000 specialist visitors from both Iran and neighbouring countries in the region.